History of Four Maples Vineyard


We are situated in the Champlain Valley surrounded by the Adirondacks Mountains, 2 km from the Lacolle border and 3km from Lake Champlain. Four Maples Vineyard takes its name from the old four maples that lined the main driveway of it's property.

They property was bought in 2010 in view of its ideal orientation for planting grapes and its gentle sloping terrain. The proximity to Lake Champlain gives it a micro climate suitable for grape growing. Thus, Four Maples Vineyard and Winery was born in the North Country.

Our American Dream plot has 1053 vines planted in May 2010 with north american hybrids as well as viniferas grafted on cold-hardy roots.

In 2011, 950 more vines were planted in the Big Apple plot. All are cold hardy north american hybrids.

Last year 2012, 950 more vines were put in the ground of Champlain Crescent Plot. All are cold hardy north american hybrid varieties.

The first building on the property is just a small garage with a partition for living quarters. An additional garage was built in 2011. In 2012 an expansion was built with winetasting areas and a celler and the first building is turned into a winery.

More vines will be planted on Deer Lane Plot in 2015. The winery and wine tasting area will be operational in 2015.

We invite you to come and stroll into our vineyard. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with blue skies, breath the fresh air, mesmerized with the whispering breeze and the rustling of the 200 years old maple trees.


Our address: 446, Prospect Street, Champlain NY 12919, USA