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Our current product from our cellar. 


Our first vintage Cuvée Amitié, the Friendship Vintage as it is called.  Every wine has its story and this one certainly has.  Cheers and only gratitude that we can say to all our friends who had helped us from planting the vines that make this wine to the harvest of its grapes, Marquette and Frontenac Red.  Toast to the friendship and the trust given to us in the conception of Cuvée Amitié.

Truly American!  Cuvée Amitié was aged in oak barrels for a year.  It is toasty, complex with the subtle hint of vanilla, ripened berries, and a smooth subtle mouth feel.  Winning our first medal in the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2019.  We left a few cases of this vintage to age and see how it evolves.

As the saying goes, wine is made by the sun.  2016 Vintage Cuvée Du Petit Champlain is named after the village of Champlain, New York where the Marquette varietal thrives.  It is 100% a New Yorker and American!

Aged in oak barrel for one year, it is toasty, with a hint of vanilla, black berries and aroma of spices.  Delightful mouthfeel.  A winner in its own merit bagging the 2019 Silver medal in the New York Wine Classic, bronze medals in Finger Lakes International Wine Competition and Asia Wine Competition.  Recent accolades include having a Silver with 89 points in USA wine ratings.

Like its predecessor, Cuvée du Petit Champlain 2017 vintage was made with care and craftsmanship of its winemaker.  Semi-dry, aged in oak barrel with the a hint of vanilla, black berries, toasty with aroma of spices.  It has a subtle delightful mouth feel.  It was bestowed with a silver medal in Asia Wine Competition and a Silver in New York Wine Classic a silver medal in Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association 2021 and also a Gold with 91 points at the USA wine ratings.  

Blanc Du Champlain Vintage 2018, made from the luscious white grapes harvested from our vineyard.  Cold hardy La Crescent and St-Pépin.

Fresh, light, fruity with the aromas of citrus, flowers of acacia, vanilla and caramelized hazelnuts.  Simply delicious!  

Our 2018 is all out from the shelves, now we are selling 2019, the same beautiful white wine we created and airy as the breeze of 4 Maples.

TIARA, elegant, regal, beautiful and in many languages simply good.  Who owns them love them.  Tiara, Creme de Paris is ohh la la!  A cream liquor that is simply irresistible.

Inspired by the mesmerizing flavors that the City of Lights has to offer,  aromas of coffee, patisseries, chocolates and la belle vie.


New on our shelves this year 2020 is our Rosé de Champlain, beautifully hued with the color of rose petals and a little bit sweeter with the aroma of red berries like strawberries and raspberries.